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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  December 13, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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lawmakers passed their own measure barring the government from mandating residents to buy coverage. the u.s. district court judge agreed with koocuccinelli. >> it is not aboutealth care or insurance. it is about lirty. the judge said as much in his order. >> reporter: at the white house, spokesman robert gibbs said the administration disagrees the judge's ring and remains confident the law will be upheld. >> challenges like this are nothing new in material of laws that have com before the courts in the past in which our position has revailed. we're confident it is constitutional and quite frankly, of the three courts that have rendered decisions on this question work the have ruled in our favor. >> reporter: the mandatory insurance requirement is a k pa of the health care reform law. the only wayo pay for features like coverage of preexisting conditions and the ability to keep children on a family policy
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until age 26. virginia congressman jim who voted in favor of it called it purely political. >> henry hudson is a republican appointee. this had a become very politicized but i would rely upon the court of appeals to make an unpolical objective decision. when they do so, i have no doubt they'll uphold the constitutionalitof the health care law. >> reporter: other lawsuits are pending around the country including one filed by 20 states in a florida court. all parties agree though, the final decision will likely wrest the u.s. sueme court. cuccinelli believes the high court will agree. >> the goals here were noble in this bill. even noble goals may only pursued within the powers of the cotitution. and that did not happen with this piece of legislation. so the courts must strike it
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down. >> reporter: obama officials maintain this won't impact implementation of the law because the purchase requirement doesn't take effect until 2014 and it could be two years before any of these cases make it to the u.s. supreme court. back to you. all right. julie carey, thank you. moments tag senate voted to move forward on theax cut compromise. the crucial test vote shows widespread support for the compromisehat the president reached with republicans. steve handelsman on capitol hill with the latest on this. >> reporter: you're right. it is a procedural vote. this could have a hard time passing in the house but in the senate where president obama needed 60 votes to move forward, last i checked he h more than 80 and they're still voting. it is a big win for president obama and a strong indication that his tax compromise in the final vote will win. it is a good sign for the president and his tax deal with republicans. in the vote to move forward in the senate, he got enough
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democrats like max. >> if we do not act, taxes will go up. >> this proves both parties can work together to grow our economy and look out for the american peel. i recognize that folks on both sides of the political spectrum are unhappy with certain parts of the package. >> reporter: the deal would keep all income taxes what they are now. no hike for theop bracket and wealthy families would get a big break on inheritance. house democrats vowed to fight back. >> literally it boils down to $25 billion for 6,600 families. >> repter: in a "washington post" abc poll, 69% said they support the obama compromise. his post election move to work with republicans. >> i think you're seeing the president acknowledging, okay, we've got to do a mid course
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redirect. >> democrats faulted both sides. >> the only thing that unites both parties right now is, if they want something for nothing. they want a free lunch. >> reporter: congress estimates the compromise would cost $858 billion. adding to the multitrillion defit which liberals up here say we should deal with by increasing taxes on the rich. so far what congress is doing is neither. not much movement on the stock market today. the dow jones average pick up 18 points. it closed at 11,428. the nasdaq lost 13. it closed at 2625. the s&p was flat. the closing level remained at 1240. the lawyer for the maryland man accused attempting to
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blow up a recruiting center said the government entrapped his client in an fbi sting, the lawyeraid agents induced martinez to go forward with plans to bomb an armed forces center in catonsville even though he didn't have the means to do so. prosecutors say martinez came one the idea and was quote, grinning ear to ear as he tried to carry it out. he is charged with attempted murder and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. he remains i custody until his trial begins. a missing virginia girl found safe on the west coast. she is now on her way back home tonight. 12-year-old britany smith is on her way back. she was with 32-year-old jeffrey easley when she was spotted. he is suspected of killing her mother one week ago before he allegedly took brittany to california. easley is being held on several
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charge a big snowstorm in the midwest today. snow showers swept through this morning in our area. ey stayed mostly south and west of the d.c. region. other parts of the country, people are still digging out after an early wintry blast. chris clackum has our report. >> reporter: the same in kentucky. ten inches on the ground near lexington. >> hopefully they've done a good job clearing the instate. >> we will see. >> reporter: the interstates weren't clear in tennessee. this was i-40 near nashville where nearly a foot fell sunday night. towns were left frozen in for the day. very little activity outdoors. even birmingham had a rare sight of snow falling monday morning. back in the midwest, city buses were running again in minneapolis. residents brace for the brutal cold.
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>> it is quite cold and the snow isn't fun to walk around in. >> reporter: e dramatic collapse of the roof of the metro dome might tear a hole in the budget. they've been threatening to move unless a new statement is built. meanwhile sunday's game with the giants was moved to tonight and detroit. where the weather is just as bad bu frigid fans lined up this morning for free tickets anyway. >> lots of blankets and body heat. we're good. >> reporter: you tell me what your drive was like. it was horrible. a blizzard. >> reporter: almost in defiance of the fact we're still a week away from the official start, a water mainreak in sub freezing weather turns this home in kansas city into an ice castle. news4. doug kammerer is cold here but at least no significant snow, right? >> that's correct. even the snow that did fall to the south did not cause too ny
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problems. eventually those roadways were above freezing. some areas toward fredericksburg and off to the east and soheast did pick up between one and even up to three inches. we did see some snow this morning down to the south and east and even a couple of flurries aroun the rest of the region as well. right now, temperature, cold. 27 degrees. but really it will be the windchill that we're talking about. the current windchill at the bottom of the screen, down to 14 degrees. make sure you have all of your skin covered as far as gloves and hats go. once again, look at these windchills. down to five. it feels like five in hagerstown. ven in winchester and right now the air force base toward andrews coming in at 11 degrees as far as the windchill was concerned. and another chance of snow. i'll have that foyou. >> coming up, some cruise ship
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passengers said they were afraid for their lives. somebody is attack women riding metro in maryland. a class of nursery schoolers held hostage. what's going on in sport? >> hey there. the winds are howling at redskins park. frustration is mounting after yesterday's loss. also, a missed holding call gives the bus a touchdown.
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a teenager in france armed himself with two swords. then he went to a nursery school
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and took students hospital. it ended in a four-hour stand-off with police. frantic parents waited outside the school. negotiators were able to convince the teen to let some of the children go. eventually police went in and overpowered the teenaged swordsman. the remaining student and their teacher were set free. they were not injured. the local teenager was suffering from psycholocal problems and had not been taking his medication. a violent storm in the mediterranean is being blamed for rough ride aboard a cruise ship. early this morning, the brilliance of the seas was on its way to alexander re, a egypt, when large waves and heavy winds caused it to tilt. about 30 people sustained injury. therwere turned over tables and broken windows. >> i would say 90% of the people thought they would die and spent the day crying. >> the 962-foot ship was diverted to malta and it is expected to hit dry land finally
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in about a day. lawyers s an indictment is imminent in aase against wikileaks founder julian assange. his attorney said a grand jury has met secretly in alexandria, virginia, to debate espionage charges for assange. meanwhile he'll be back in court in the u.k. tomorrow fighting extradition to sweden where he is wanted for sex crimes. >> reporter: tonight julian assange remains in prison. tomorrow he will be back in a london court fighting his extradition to sweden. the founr and editor of wikileaks h been accused of sexual misconduct and rape by two women in sweden. allegations he vigorously denies. >> julian? no way. julian would not bite. >> reporter: nbc news has learned a swedish lawyer is flying into london for
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tomorrow's court appearance. the british media is reporting his legal team is hopi to use him to convince the judge the allegations he faces have been trumped up. and that his accusers have hidden agendas. while assange prepares himself for his court appearance tomorrow, his website wikileaks may soon have a battle of its own. competition. a group of former employees have decided to go it alone to launch a new whistle blowing website. they're reported to be unhappy about the way wikileaks was being run. nbc news, london. >> and the house judiciary committee plans to hold a hearing on thursday and legal and conitutional issues raised by wiki leak. coming up, fire at a metro station. a possible security leak
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he said gaugement pictures are in for prince william and kate middleton. the portraits are being very well received. the prince chose the photographer mario for the candid shots. he took these iconic photos of princess diana shortly before her death. on another note, security is being increased because several groups are threatening to disrupt the wedding and the prince has said he was a very public celebration. don't adjust your set. >>e was here earlier and he had laryngitis. >> we've all had laryngitis the last couple weeks. >> very dry inside your homes. >> turnon the heat and it wreaks havoc with our throats and our sciences.
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>> check thatout. some of them are fairly cheap. let's showou what's happing. it is not just bad for some people. it is horrible. this is kansas city and a water main break outside of his house shot water 40 feet into the air. do you know how he got in? this is real. blow torch. he took a blow torch to his front door to get into the house. he said no damage inside the house. all damage was outside the house. you can see that right there. raunl our area, no ice but we did see some snow. this was actually south. just south of fredericksburg, closer to richmond along i-64. our photographer shot this a little earlier today. the snow was coming down and some portions of the area did report one to three inches of snow during the day toda the good news, is you can see there, allf the roadways were a-okay. the surface temperature, the road temperature was still a
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little above freezing after he yesterday into the 40s and en low 50s. we are still seeing the cloud cover out there today. high pressure, high temperature was 40 degrees. the low temperature was 27. that's the current temperature. we're going to continue to go lower. windy and very cold and we were above, or rather, below average once again. 11 out o 13 days so far this december have been below average. and i don't see a day above average for a week to two weeks. we'll be in the deep freeze oh the nextcouple days. 27 degrees. winds out of the west northwest at 18 miles an hour but gusts even higher. that puts the windchill at abou 14 degrees and we'll show you some more windchills in just a second. they're cold. 21 in hagerstown. 24 in sterling. 28 right now in fredericksburg. the winds still gusting. look at sterling. upwards of 40 miles an hour. same thing toward hagerstown. 33 miles an hour in washington. and 32 in la plata. you add in a win like that to a temperature in the 20s and you get windchills in the single digits. that's where we have a wind
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advisory from 40 to 50-mile-an-hour winds, pecially along the higher ridges and a windchill advisory for much of the area. back toward windchill, we could see windchills below ro and some areas out that way. where are they? down to five degrees. eight in sterling. windchill coming in with a windchill before six degrees. culpepper at14. nine toward andrews and toward annapolis. not just cold, is frigid out there. the arctic air iseally in place and this is where the number will be overnight. this is futurecast showing windchills around 11:00 tonight. down to about three in windchill. two in hagerstown. six inside the district. six toward la plata as well. tomorrow morning, a windchill of seven for just about all locations. we're looking at windchills in the single digits when you wake up tomorrow morning. if yu thought last week was cold, think again. this will a lot colder especially tomorrow and boo the day.
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windchills across the area and we'll staythrough. way through the night. the big storm well to the north and east and this is what happened. watch here. this is the snow that fell down toward fredericksburg. it made its way out to sea. so far today, we've just seen me light flurry activity. we could see more of that tomorrow. we have the persistent northwest flow. it will be windy and cold into the day tomorrow. right on through the day on wednesday. and then we'll watch a little system and it is a little system. it is not going to bring us much of anything but it could bring some snowfall. this could affect us during the day on thursday. right now it is not abig system. even an inch or two with mperatures below freezing could cause some problems. a little snow and freezing
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conditions could cause big problems. windchills in the single digits into the teens. temperature, 18 to 22. windchills between five and ten degrees with win tomorrow morning, gusting 15 to 25. some up to 35 miles an hour. tomorrow afternoon, wind gusts at 40. maybe 45 miles an hour. that will keep the windchills between 10 and 18 degrees all day long. it's like, come on. this early? 33 on wednesday. then 35 on thursday. that's when i have about a 40% chance of some snow there. we're going to be watching this one verylosely. right now, saturday and sunday, i have the weekend dry. the past couple days, don't say that, the past couple days have been trying to put together a big storm along the coast. a coastal storm. think it will go a little further out at's why i kept it dry. say yay for now. but my fingers are crossed.
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>> those storms are ugly. >> hopefully this will stay out. >> this week is the anniversary of last december 19th. the big three-foot snow got. >> and it de for a white christmas. >> thanks, doug. cong up, a bunch of hit and run accidents lead police to an airport shuttle bus driver. some metro drers are being targeted. the airline are making huge bucks off all those extra fees. and president obama welcome the lakers today but the ceremony was not in the white house. coming up, how a group of local kids and a boys and girls club got a special treat. coming up in sports, a jet coh said his actions were inexplainable. and a missed holding call that
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cost the redins a win.
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a judge ruled the reform law is unconstitutional. the judge said the government does not have the abity to require americans to buy insurance. much of the country is digging out after an early wintry blast. the hardest hit by far was the midwest where some parts got more than two feet of snow. officials are also blaming the storm for more than a dozen deaths. montgomery county police are asking for the public's help.
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ey're ying to identify suspects in a series of ambush style attacks. >> since june, police say five women were assaulted in the aspen hill and wheaton areas. fo of the victim have just gotten off of a metrobus. pat collin has our story. montgomery coun police believe that someone is targeting women. women getting off buses in the dark hours of the night. if you don't feel safe, captain paultarks has this advice for you. >> remember that the bus is still a very safe place to be. you can call the police about a concern, we will respond and address that. she can stay on the bus to the next stop where it might be a more populated area to get off the bus. >> reporter: police circulating the images of three men. potential suspects who may be linked to five sexassaults in the aspen hill/wheaton area.
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>> it is really disgusting. i'a winter and there is a man out there assaulting women. it make me unsafe. >> they say it all ban in june at a bus stop on aspen hill ro. a woman in her 20s gets off a bus. she is dragged into a sluded area. october 26th. sail thing. this time, in connecticut avenue and independence street. this time the victim, 30 years old. she gets off the bus, dragged into the woods and in the woods, sexually assaulted. november 20th. georgia and hewitt avenues. a 52-year-old woman gets off the bus. she is dragged into the woods. and raped. just about a blk away on december 1, it happens again. this time the victim, a
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42-year-olwoman. she getsff the bus. drag into the woods and there, she is sexually assaulted. claridge road and sea port way. police believe this is linked to the others but they say the 27-year-old victim was not a bus der. they say she was just walking along when she was pulled into the woods. and assaulted there. >> i just had to say it was scary. >> reporter: if you recognize these men, if you know anything, call them with information. i'm pat collins, news4, montgomery county. metro isrunning on time this afternoon despite some earlier delays caused by a small fire at metro center. firefighters say a light fixture the station caught fire this
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morning, creating a smoky condition there. trains passing through that area had to single track between mcpherson square and federal triangle. new at 6:00, we're getting a look at the man accused of side swiping an airport shuttle v into several cars. police say 25-year-old mohamed was pushing speeds close to 100 miles an hour when he rammed other drivers along i-66. derrick ward has the latest on this investigation. >>eporter: the last stop was behind a tow truck after the driver left the path of destruction on westbound route 66. michael vaughn was among first motorists unlucky enough to cross paths with him. >> it was so bad. i didn't know what tdo. when i saw him coming, i'm thinking he was going to stop and he didn't stop.
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>> reporter: vaughn said the shuttle hit another motorist who gave chase. >> another guy was running in the middle lane. he hit him. the other guy, he hit him so hard he drove over and i guess he was getting himself together. >> reporter: theild and dangerous ride wasn't over. >> i found out he hit more people. >> repter: police st driver was going to siswipe a dodge charger twice and then to rear end a minivan and a taxi. sending both off the road. continuing on, the shuttle rear end ad mercedes on route 267, the dulles connector road. the driver would continue on before being taken into custody by air force authority police. he's been identifie as 25-year-old mohamed teshale. there were no passenger when this happened and two people were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. a woman an a child in the
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minivan that was struck. authorities say there are other charges pending and others including arlington county and the metropolitan washington airpor authority police. along i-66, derrick ward, news4. alexandria city officials are getting closer to final plans for a facelift of the area's waterfront. right now, city leaders are holding a public meeting to get the public's input. the current draft includes a path way and park redevelopment as well as a 200-foo pier. they're hoping to attract more businesses. >> in january we'll be releasing a draft plan. there will be men of opportunity to comment on that and we're hoping to have hearings for the final plan in april. >> reporter: tonight's meeting is just the first to a series of meetings, asking for public input about this plan. d.c. mayorelect vincent gray is making good on his campaign promises.
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he hosted a meeting this morning. something he promised to do during his campaign. he said he wants to create incentives to get company that contract with the district to hire city residents. there are more than 700,000 jobs in the district of columbia. but as dr. fuller says, only a thirof the jobs are pulled the by people who actually live in the district of columbia. >> gray also said it is n jt about job creation in d.c. it is abo preparing the residents here for jobs as well. still to come, there is a mystery lurking behind leonardo da vinci's famous painting. and a crackdown on drunk driving can mean police can force drivers to do blood tests.
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police may soon be able to get a search warrant for blood
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samples from suspected drunk drivers. it's part of a new proposal for a federal no refusal policy for drivers who refuse breathalyzer tests. transportation secretary ray lahood explained today that this measure will help police enforce existing laws. >> these aren't new laws or regulations. they're efforts to streamline existing procedures while protecting due process to ensure that drunk drivers can't skirt the consequences of their actions. nine states already have no refusal policies in place. transportation officials say one in four drunk driving suspects refuses to take a breathalyzer test. the transportation department says airlines, they are making more money than ever on baggage fees. profits from baggage fees totaled $1.5 billion this past fiscal year. that's up $150 million from last year. airlines are looking at imposing
6:41 pm
en more fees for using their wi-fi, their premium seats and all the other option that's they offer to make flying more palatable. me hotels, however, are offering to cover those baggage fees for you but industry expert say sticking to the car-on bag is the best way to avoid those surcharges for now. >> that's the way to go. travel light. >> yeah. >> as light as you possibly. wear the same clothes a lot. we need to layer a lot of clothes on these days. the weather is bad and it is getting worse out there. >> we talk last week about everhing in your closet. put it on, the hats, the gloves, the scarves. you need it all. and for this week, you need more than. that we're going to be about five to ten degrees cooler than we were last week. let's just say colder. 27, the current temperature. the windchill though is 1 that's the way it feels out there. the nd really just blows right how to. that's what makes it really cold. low temperature, 18 in frederick and winchester. 22 around the city.
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windchills between five and ten degrees. that's what you can expect to wake up to tomorrow morni. it will be brutally cold. make sure the kids if you send them to school tomorrow, are bundled up. our average low temperatures, 33 degrees for this time of year. we may not evenreach that inside the district. it will stay cold the next couple days. i'll have the extended coming up. thing were a little chilly in ashburn. >> even if the weather was warm, it would be cold out there. >> if there is a chill outside, it amongst the team. the losing is mounting as are the frustrations here. also around the nfl, a jets coach gets a little too involved in a game against the miami dolphins. and the capitals. man, they take one another on the chin.
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the game was not pretty. it was early on until -- >> there were a lot of problems throughout. with the calls, the ref call. you know, the kicker. >> whado you think? >> you sound like you're on the redskins side. they would love to have you out here. >> he was mauling him. >> he was being mugged. the referee said he was sorry he wasn't looking in that direct. this was a frustrating loss for the redskins. they announced another loss, they're putting safety laron landry on the injured reserve.
6:46 pm
they also are bringing in a handful of kickers tomorrow, includg former redskins kirk nick novak. they'll all be here working out. the hope is that they will not release kicker graham gano who really struggled sterday. rather they would bring someone else in because he is having a rib injury issue. so the hope is to keep gno on the roster. as for the disappointment he felt yesterday after what he said was his worst game as a pro, he dropped his wife off. came back here. spent twoours at the facility last night just looking a film, trying to figure out what he could have done differently. this team today is super frustrated about the way that th played and let this one slip away. let's go back to fed-ex field. it was santana moss. they gave the redskins a fighting chance. with 13 seconds left, donavan mcnabb threaded the pass to santana moss between double coverage. made it 17-16 bucks. the redskins were sure an extra would send them to overtime. but this was symbolic of the bad luck they've had.
6:47 pm
the holder hunter smith couldn't grab the ball. it turns into extra frustration. they missed a golden opportunity. they lose 17-16 to tampa bay after the game. santana moss summed up the emotional inveigator tech this game created. >> your job is to come out here and play this game of football. you play this game, you play to win. somebody goto win. somebody got to lose. when you just losing, and you know that you had a chance to win, i ain't talking about the last place. talking about throughout the game, the weeks, this year. yore losing and you don't have no say-so. why? that's why it hurts. that's why i feel the way i feel. i'm just getting tiredf it. and everybody pla for their own perspective and their own reason. i put too much in it. and it means too much. >> going from four wins to a chance to win the super bowl takes some time and doesn't happen overnight. and it is a day-by-day process.
6:48 pm
there is a lot to do in the off-season. relative to the free agency, as we all know and we've still got three games of evaluation against three get football teams. we'll get a good feel of who will be with us after taking a look at the next three games and how the players play. >> mike shanahan is obviously frustrated. he really might not understand the way the redskins' veteran players are frustrated. after all, they've only had two playoff appearances in the last 11 seasons. what make these players even more mad is when theyeel like they were done wrong. that happened sterday. mike shanahan said brian orakpo wasn't held. he was mugged. here's exactly how it happened. it was the fourth arter. the bucs trailed by one. josh freeman, the quarterback, throws deep down field. a 41-yard scoring strike. but the official ys he missed what happened here. take a look. brian orakpo being held by tampa
6:49 pm
bay. e touchdown stands. the redskins were furious that a holding penalty wasn't called. >> the biggest play of t game. to say you're not looking at that, what are you looking at? are you watching the ball game like a fan? your b is to look at holding. so you know, that's really something that they sent out a letter. they'll apologize and say they missed it. >> i didn't want to keep doing that. keep making plays. when you position like hat, you know, you really cannot do anything. you really can't do anything. hopefully the ref will see it and make the correct call. >> the redskins face the dallas cowboys next week. elsewhere in the division, the giants tonight will play the viking brett favre will not play. that snapped his streak of game started at 297 games.
6:50 pm
meanwhile, the eagles yesterday lit it up against the cowboys let'go back to the field. michael vick and the eagles were in dallas. let go straight to the fourth quarter. game tiedt 20-twifl eagles, first of ten. throws to it desean jackson. 91 yards. he's had four passes last nigh just four for 210 yards. and he gets to the goal line. man, he stops, turns around, and he would end up falling across the goal lane for the touchdown. desean jackson, one of the guys that nobody knew how he would play out. he is a star for the eagles. the eagles beat the cowboys 30-27. filly in new york against the giants. next sun with the nfc title on the line. if the giants win tonight. sometime losing in the nfl can make you do thing that you would never normally do otherwise. that's what happened yesterday in new jersey. you got to see this. during the third quarter of the dolphins game, the miami
6:51 pm
quarterback, carroll was according the dolphins' pun. heall down. he runs down the side line near the bench. carroll was shak up on the plate. a replay. you've got to look at this. it shows inside the yellow circle. the jets strength general conditioning coach. sticks out his left knee. clips husband right leg, calling carroll to fall down. carroll was okay and later returned to the game. there was an apology after the game calling it inexcusable and irresponsible. he said he is very embarrassed. he has not yet been contact by the league. the capitals, another team that is struggling in d.c. themselves rolled to their sixth straight loss. let me take you back. the capitals trying to snap a five-game losing streak. early second period, down 1-0. they turn it over. he fires the wrister. the rangers score three goals six shots in just over 3:30 to start the second third period.
6:52 pm
caps down 6-0. marcus gets the puck in the corner. passes it back. but no teammate is there. so ryan callahan takes it. drags it in. 7-0 rangers. they are down by seven. moments later, they are trying to get on the board. knuble centers it. tthew in front but henrik luquist there with the glove saved. washington loses 7-0. their sixth loss in a row. they hope to get mike green back on wednesday. by the way, mike green still doing good things in the community. he has a concert for his foundation at the 9:30 club. stop by and listen to the music. >> okay. thanks. coming up, some vy cool people dropped in on the boys and girls club today. and for all your news, be sure to follow news4 online. search nbcwashington on facebook
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this was day to remember children at a boys and girls club in washington. >> they got to meet both president obama and members of the world champion l.a. lakers. john schriffen was there. >> reporter: it's not every day that president barack obama and the los angeles lakers come just to see you. >> they cam i was like, it's the lakers. oh, my gosh. and i met the president. it's t president. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: but monday that's exactly what the youngsters in d.c. experienced. >> did you ever think you would meet the president? >> no. ier in thought i would meet the president. it was crazy. >> reporter: this year instead of congratulating the lakers on their back to back championship at the white house, the president decided to get out in the community. players like kobe bryant and former maryland guard steve blake used this opportunity to help the kids with their community service project.
6:57 pm
>>when i was a kid, it was just like one of those, a moment. i think it is good for them. it was good r me as a kid and i'm sure my teammate feel the same way. there are people throughout that have your back and support you and care about you. that's very important. >> excited to see them. it makes me feel good. nice that we can have the chance and the opportunity to come out here. >> the players helped the kids write letters and box care packages for wounded veterans at walter reed hospital and d.c. homeless people in need. and today it was a complete surprise for boys and girls. they were told they would be joined by a white house dignitary and a few vips. so when preside obama walked in with the lakers, who were they more excited to see? >> i don't know. i would say the president. he is kind of -- >> you never expect people so busy to take time out of their personal lives to come help and unfortunate d people tat
6:58 pm
don't really have it. it means a lot to me. >> reporter: in southeast d.c., john schriffen, news4. >> and look is one of the few places in the country has se warm weather right now. >> yeah, yeah, kobe got off the plane and almost got back on. at areat thing for those kids though. er the next couple days, we are talking about the coldest air of the season. yes, i did say that last week, too. but this wee will be colder. 26, the current temperature. look at the windchill. this is in d.c. the windchill is currently 12. 12 degrees. we can expect windchills in the single digits to teen all day long. it we have a pretty good shot at seeing some snow in portions of the area during the day on thursday this is not a big storm but could it still create some big problems. we'll continue to talk about it over the next couple days. >> all right. thanks. cong up tonight at 11:00, the latest on george huguely. the university of virginia lacrosse player charged in the
6:59 pm
murder of yeardley love. he is in solt confinement for seven months. also a prominent foundation is threatening to pull money from the smithsonian. and an incredible water rescue in freezing weather as firefighters dive into a lake in short sleeves. just how brilliant was leonarlee arrested inoa vinci? 500 years later, go people are still finding surprising in his work. there was new information in an old book themselves learn that mona lisa's famously perplexing eyes signal more than her private thoughts. experts have found a sequenc of numbers and or letters hidden behind her eyes and they're not visible to the make the eye but can be seen only with a magnifying glass. an italian art historian says the investigation has just begun but he is confident the symbols ar


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